It’s time to unleash the power you have, to create the life that you want!


Amina S. Carter is a powerhouse speaker, coach and mental health advocate. Her affiliation with the personal and professional development movement, locally and statewide, has qualified her as one of the new and fast-emerging leaders in the field. Her keynotes, workshops and seminars are gaining massive momentum and notoriety; quickly making her a force among the familiar names in the business.

Transformation Strategist

“When you invest in your best YES, you must be committed to change.” As a Personal Transformation Strategist, Amina is “all in”. It is her core belief that transformation happens when we are most uncomfortable. The work of assisting others in the actualization and manifestation of their divine, blissful and deserved life is our charge.  It is standing in the gap, it is holding space, it is giving tough love. But most of all , it is an unwavering commitment to serve others, being their wings until they remember to spread their own.


Amina S Carter, Enterprises, LLC offers f personal and professional development training to women for the boardroom to the bedroom. The art of creating massive change and operating at peak performance is at the core of all of our curriculum. Our programs are designed to engage you from your core, by conjuring your ideal life using the power you have, to create the life you want.  Join our community to learn more.

The Grey Matters – Embrace Your Transformation with My Blog

The Power of Your YES!!!

So many of us are working against the current in which the universe is pushing us. We have ideas about where we should be, when we should be there, and what “there” looks like. We are so busy creating the blueprint that we wish to follow for our lives that we forget...

The Grey Matters

In a world that pushes a very black and white perspective, too often, the grey is seldom considered. I cannot recall how many times I have heard “it’s really black and white…” before justifying why their view exists only in one polarity or the other. There seems to be...

New Year, New…?

Sitting at the table near the window, I contemplate what will be “new” for me this coming year. How apropos that the sun is beaming through the window; shining directly on my screen and me, as I write this. Prayerfully, it is an omen of all of this good “light” being...

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